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Democrat Party Judge heard on video mocking lawyer removed from court

The order does not explicitly say how long Raines must remain off the bench, but it says another judge will “monitor and mentor” Raines and report back to the court system's executive committee.

7th Circuit rules Kankakee and McHenry Counties must end ICE contracts

Officials in McHenry and Kankakee counties, who didn’t return messages Thursday, have previously said they'd continue to appeal.

Illinois court sends pipeline plans back to regulators

In a 60-page decision filed Wednesday, the appellate court’s three-judge panel ordered the Illinois Commerce Commission to review the public need for the project that moves North Dakota oil to a shipping point in Illinois.

Update on Oak Brook Center Mall shootout

Tyran Williams, 32, of Chicago, and Steve Lane, 29, of Chicago have been charged with six counts each in relation to the Oak Brook Mall shootout. They are due in bond court this morning.

Judge orders special prosecutor's Smollett report detailing CCSA 'failures' released

The full report released Monday documents interviews with Foxx, dozens of employees of her office, Chicago police officers, and friends and family members of Smollett.

Gov. JB Pritzker officially repeals parental notification of abortion

Despite nearly three-quarters of Illinoisans opposing the legislation, Gov. Pritzker repealed parental notification of abortion. His office cited non-resident abortions in Illinois are up over 250% since 2014.

Opinion: In the wake of sex abuse scandal, CPS prioritizes open restrooms

Despite being the adults in the room, CPS administrators once again choose politics over maturity.
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