A fire broke out at the House on the Rock Church in Albany Park today and was the third large fire this week to hit the neighborhood. | Photo: CFD Media

CHICAGO — Another fire that broke out at a church Wednesday was the third fire this week to strike the Albany Park neighborhood on Chicago's North Side.

Chicago firefighters battled a blaze at House on the Rock Church in the city’s Albany Park neighborhood. The church sustained heavy damage, including to its large stained glass windows. The fire was under control before 2 p.m. and there were no injuries were reported.

Earlier in the week, a Chicago brewery was destroyed by a dramatic blaze early Monday that fire officials believe started in a nearby apartment building.[1] The Twisted Hippo partially collapsed due to the fire which started about 3:30 a.m. One man was taken to a hospital suffering from possible smoke inhalation, according to authorities.

Also this week, a fire broke out at a building that was under construction. One firefighter was injured in that blaze.

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