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These are a few of our favorite things.

All of Chicago's 2021 Summer Festivals (that we know about) in One Place

Chicago in the summer is the greatest city in the world, and it's time to get some fresh air. So you do what you need to do, but get out there and enjoy.

The Best Chicago Sports Teams Ever

If you are going to try and make a list of the best Chicago teams ever, you have to make some choices.

The Chicago Journal's Brief History of Music in Chicago

The Chicago Journal's Brief History of Music in Chicago should be considered a "living" document that is continually being added to, edited, amended, and reworked.

The Chicago Journal's Guide to Chicago Movies

Welcome to the Chicago Journal's running master list of Chicago movies.

The Chicago Journal's Basic Guide to Illinois Gun Laws

Even if we're in the significant minority in this city, here at the Chicago Journal we believe in the 2nd Amendment and the individual's right to personal defense.
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