We have an official update for the shooting at the Oakbrook Mall which can be found here: https://www.chicagojournal.com/official-update-to-the-oak-brook-center-shooting-incident/


Update 4: Oak Brook PD officials again confirmed 4 people were wounded due to an altercation between two men in the Nordstrom wing of suburban Oak Brook Mall. As of now there is one suspect in custody, one suspect shot in hospital, and three female victims..

Update 3: A second suspect is in custody. There is a potential third suspect at large.

Update 2: Oakbrook PD has provided an update that a security officer at Nordstrom heard gunshots near Nordstrom. The security officer found 2 people shooting at each other. Those 2 individuals ran into Nordstrom to get away. The suspects reportedly knew each other/shot at each other. There are 4 victims with non-life threatening injuries. One suspect is at hospital, one in custody, with potentially one at large.

Update 1: Authorities are escorting people out of the mall at this time.

OAKBROOK, Ill. - Authorities are responding to a report of an active shooting situation in suburban Oakbrook Mall tonight, the night before Christmas Eve, while the mall would be packed with Christmas shoppers.

The mall was placed on lockdown because of the incident which occurred at approximately 5:44 p.m.

There is no confirmed word from police on what took place at the mall, but we're hearing that there were 4 people shot during an altercation between two groups of people. The condition of the people shot is not yet known.

Police have also not yet said where the incident took place but initial reports indicate it happened in the Nordstrom wing of the mall.

At least one additional individual reportedly had a medical emergency due to the incident.

There is reportedly one person in custody at this time. It is not known at this time if authorities are looking for other suspects however we have heard police are potentially looking for two additional suspects.

The mall remains on lockdown at this time.

We'll continue to update this post as we learn more.