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The Illinois Service Men and Women Killed in Afghanistan

No comment. No politics. Just names.
The Illinois Service Men and Women Killed in Afghanistan

Below is a list of all the service men and women from Illinois killed in Afghanistan since fighting began on October 7, 2001. Service members from other theaters will appear elsewhere.

Don't hesitate to contact the Chicago Journal if we've missed a name or to correct a mistake.

Date Name Rank Branch Age Hometown
3/23/2003 John Stein Lieutenant Colonel Air Force 39 Bardolph
3/29/2003 Jacob L. Frazier Staff Sergeant Air National Guard 24 St. Charles
8/31/2003 Adam L. Thomas Private 1st Class Army 21 Palos Hills
4/12/2004 Adrian Basil Szwec Commander Navy 43 Chicago
9/20/2004 Wesley R. Wells Specialist Army 21 Libertyville
11/15/2005 James S. Ochsner Sergeant 1st Class Army 36 Waukegan
2/13/2006 Edwin H. Dazachacon Staff Sergeant Army 38 Belleville
5/5/2006 Christopher B. Donaldson Chief Warrant Officer Army 28 Effingham
2/18/2007 Ryan C. Garbs Private 1st Class Army 20 Edwardsville
2/27/2007 Daniel Zizumbo Private 1st Class Army 27 Chicago
5/6/2007 Wilberto Sabalu Jr. Master Sergeant Army 36 Chicago
6/2/2007 Jacob Michael Lowell Private 1st Class Army 22 New Lenox
6/17/2007 Joshua E. Steele Captain Army 26 North Henderson
6/14/2008 David Pietrek Private 1st Class Marines 24 Bensenville
8/1/2008 David John Badie Private 1st Class Army 23 Rockford
8/14/2008 Anthony G. Mihalo Corporal Marines 23 Naperville
9/17/2008 Joshua W. Harris Sergeant Air National Guard 21 Romeoville
9/17/2008 Jason A. Vazquez Staff Sergeant Army 24 Chicago
9/29/2008 Gary J. Vasquez Sergeant 1st Class Army 33 Round Lake
10/16/2008 John M. Penich Sergeant Army 25 Beach Park
10/27/2008 Kevin D. Grieco Sergeant Army National Guard 35 Bartlett
2/8/2009 Jared W. Southworth 1st Lieutenant Army National Guard 26 Oakland
2/24/2009 Scott B. Stream Sergeant Army National Guard 39 Mattoon
3/1/2009 Simone A. Robinson Specialist Air National Guard 21 Dixmoor
3/15/2009 Christopher P. Abeyta Sergeant Air National Guard 23 Midlothian
3/15/2009 Norman L. Cain III Specialist Army National Guard 22 Oregon
3/15/2009 Robert M. Weinger Specialist Army National Guard 24 Round Lake Beach
5/10/2009 Lukasz D. Saczek Specialist Army National Guard 23 Lake in the Hills
6/19/2009 Joshua Melton Staff Sergeant Army National Guard 26 Carlyle
6/19/2009 Paul G. Smith Sergeant Army National Guard 43 Peoria
7/6/2009 Derwin I. Williams 2nd Lieutenant Army National Guard 41 Glenwood
7/7/2009 Christopher M. Talbert Specialist Army 24 Galesburg
7/29/2009 Gerrick David Smith Sergeant Army National Guard 19 Sullivan
9/11/2009 Matthew M. Martinek Private 1st Class Army 20 DeKalb
9/28/2009 Christopher D. Shaw Sergeant 1st Class Army 37 Markham
10/16/2009 Christopher M. Rudzinski Sergeant Army 28 Rantoul
10/25/2009 Devin J. Michel Private 1st Class Army 19 Stockton
10/27/2009 Jared D. Stanker Specialist Army 22 Evergreen Park
11/23/2009 Jason A. McLeod Specialist Army 22 Crystal Lake
12/1/2009 Kenneth R. Nichols Jr. Sergeant Army 28 Chrisman
12/18/2009 Albert D. Ware Sergeant Army 27 Chicago
12/30/2009 Elizabeth C. Hanson CIA Operations Officer CIA 30 Rockford
1/3/2010 Bradley R. Smith Senior Airman Air Force 24 Troy
1/11/2010 Jamie R. Lowe Corporal Marines 21 Johnsonville
1/13/2010 Kyle J. Wright Specialist Army 22 Romeoville
6/16/2010 Gunnar R. Hotchkin Private 1st Class Army 31 Naperville
7/10/2010 Joseph W. Dimock II Specialist Army 21 Wildwood
7/11/2010 Christopher J. Antonik Staff Sergeant Marines 29 Crystal Lake
7/16/2010 Justus S. Bartelt Staff Sergeant Marines 27 Polo
7/16/2010 Jesse R. Tilton Sergeant Army 23 Decatur
7/17/2010 Matthew W. Weikert Sergeant Army 29 Jacksonville
7/24/2010 Frederik E. Vazquez Lance Corporal Marines 20 Melrose Park
8/18/2010 Kevin E. Oratowski Lance Corporal Marines 23 Wheaton
8/19/2010 Christopher J. Boyd Corporal Marines 22 Palatine
8/23/2010 Robert J. Newton Lance Corporal Marines 21 Creve Coeur
9/18/2010 Ronald A. Grider Sergeant 1st Class Army 30 Brighton
9/21/2010 Joshua D. Powell Staff Sergeant Army 25 Pleasant Plains
9/26/2010 Mark A. Simpson Sergeant Army 40 Peoria
10/5/2010 Daniel J. Johnson Senior Airman Air Force 23 Schiller Park
10/8/2010 John T. Sparks Lance Corporal Marines 23 Chicago
10/14/2010 Alec E. Catherwood Lance Corporal Marines 19 Byron
11/1/2010 Andrew N. Meari Private 1st Class Army 21 Plainfield
11/3/2010 James C. Young Specialist Army 25 Rochester
11/5/2010 Jordan B. Emrick Staff Sergeant Marines 26 Hoyleton
11/10/2010 James B. Stack Lance Corporal Marines 20 Arlington Heights
12/24/2010 Kenneth A. Corzine Lance Corporal Marines 23 Bethalto
3/9/2011 Andrew P. Wade Specialist Army 22 Antioch
8/24/2011 Andrew R. Tobin Sergeant Army 24 Jacksonville
10/23/2011 Jordan S. Bastean Lance Corporal Marines 19 Pekin
11/5/2011 Nickolas A. Daniels Lance Corporal Marines 25 Elmwood Park
11/18/2011 Adam E. Dobereiner Private 1st Class Army 21 Moline
1/6/2012 Christopher A. Patterson Specialist Army National Guard 20 Aurora
1/20/2012 Nathan R. McHone Captain Marines 29 Crystal Lake
1/22/2012 Joshua C. Pairsh Captain Marines 29 Equality
3/1/2012 Conner T. Lowry Corporal Marines 24 Chicago
4/19/2012 Dean R. Shaffer Sergeant Army 23 Pekin
5/19/2012 Samuel T. Watts Specialist Army 20 Wheaton
6/10/2012 Bryant J. Luxmore Specialist Army 25 New Windsor
6/12/2012 Trevor A. Pinnick Specialist Army 20 Lawrenceville
7/13/2012 Michael E. Ristau Sergeant Army 25 Rockford
9/22/2012 Rashun Roberts Gunners Mate 2nd Class Navy 23 North Chicago
6/9/2014 Aaron S. Toppen Private 2nd Class Army 19 Mokena
8/14/2016 Christopher A. Wilbur Staff Sergeant Army 36 Granite City
10/19/2016 Douglas J. Riney Sergeant Army 26 Fairview
11/12/2016 Tyler R. Lubelt Private 1st Class Army 20 Tamaroa
4/26/2017 Joshua P. Rodgers Sergeant Army 22 Bloomington
7/29/2019 Michael Isaiah Nance Specialist Army 24 Chicago
1/11/2020 Miguel Villalon Private 1st Class Army 21 Joliet