Endorsement: Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins for state senate

03/07/2012 10:00 PM

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Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins

The first race to replace Rickey Hendon that voters will actually have a say in is a bit of a mess. Annazette Collins was appointed to Hendonís seat last spring when he abruptly vacated it, but her patron saints have since abandoned her.

Secretary of State Jesse White, who nominated Collins for the seat, did a complete 180 and recently called her one of the most corrupt people heís ever met. The reasons? Trying to get a tax discount on a home she owned outside of her district, and giving away legislative scholarships to kids from outside it, as well.

We think White may have been overstating things a bit, but itís extremely troubling to have a state lawmaker who canít seem to obey the laws, no matter what the factors are. Collins had her chance and screwed it up.

So, weíre getting on board the bandwagon and endorsing Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins. We need to shake things up in Springfield, and the erstwhile mayoral candidate is the best shot weíve got in this race. She still seems a bit green, but her heart looks to be in the right place. We hope she doesnít prove us wrong.

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By Sad day for Chicago from Chicago
Posted: 03/13/2012 4:23 PM

Recently, Ms. Van Pelt-Watkins has been excoriating Sen Annazette Collins for her bad behavior, and rightfully so. If Sen Collins did those things she's accused of, at minimum, she should be thrown out of office. But now that we're sadly hearing about the arrest of Rep Derrick Smith for bribery, I'm wondering if Ms. Van Pelt-Watkins will also call for Rep Smith to drop out of his state rep race and resign his seat? It's easy to attack an enemy, but to hold an ally to account is true character!