Renee Fleming visits the South Loop

and my girlfriends were quite impressed

09/21/2012 10:36 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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Kathy, Renee and Julia

Jimmy Lopez, who is going to write the music for the new Lyric Opera-produced opera during the 2015-16 season, "Bel Canto" (based on the novel by Ann Patchett) was in town last night experiencing some of his wonderful compositions being played at Grace Place in honor of the 25th anniversary of CUBE. The founder of the contemporary music ensemble which played them is Patricia Morehead, a composer, teacher and a South Looper from Printers Row. She and her husband Philip are currently on the board. (With my new boyfriend Bruce Oltman, who is secretary--and another of my South Loop girlfriends Virginia Witmer). Phil Morehead is head of the music staff at Lyric Opera.

In any case, guess who came to the concert last night to be with Lopez and hear his stuff come to life? The beautiful iconic super-star of the opera world and currently the Creative Consultant for Lyric, Renee Fleming. Yes, THE Renee Fleming. Right there at little old Grace Place. The Renee Fleming Initiative commissioned "Bel Canto" and it's apt to be a HUGE newsmaker around the world in three years.

Pat Morehead did give us concertgoers a little heads up last night before the concert. "Guess who'll be coming tonight?" she whispered to guests as they arrived at Grace Place to celebrate the 25th. Pat likes to keep things close to home on Printers Row. A lot of concertgoers went to Amarit across from Grace Place before the concert and Flaco's Tacos-a few doors down from Grace Place-catered afterwards.

Pat's friends guessed that maybe a special critic would be the secret guest. But no one guessed that Renee Fleming would be popping in. So Pat's little secret was a suprise and a shock for all--when Renee Fleming did pop in. Especially my girlfriends from the 'hood who came to the concert. They were pretty impressed. I Couldn't resist getting a picture of them with Renee for South Loop posterity.

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By Kathy from Printer\
Posted: 10/03/2012 7:25 PM

Bonnie, you forgot to say how wonderful the musicians were. They were outstanding. It was such a diverse and wonderful concert. Renee seemed to enjoy it too!!