The Strike part 2

another South Loop connection

09/13/2012 11:36 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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About 4 PM on Wednesday in front of the Hilton on Michigan Avenue: The Press

Walking home to Roosevelt and State yesterday, I passed the Hilton on South Michigan Avenue and saw the press and security and everyone else fluttering around and I wondered what the heck was happening at Balbo and Michigan. So I asked a cop. "Who's here? What's up?"

"Someone famous is here," he said. Barack? Is he in town? I wondered. But frankly, even though there was a security presence, there wasn't that kind of security presence.

So I asked him if maybe it was Kelsey Grammer filming an episode of the grotesquely wonderful Starz series "Boss." There was, after all, that steamy episode (aren't they all?) with Kittie and the lower-than-low Dem. gubernatorial candidate having steamy sex right there in the lobby in full view. Could they be filming another go-round like that?

"No," said the cop. "Come closer," he said. Then he whispered in my ear, "It's the School Board and the....." His whisper trailed off.

Wow! Holy Toledo! I put two and two together and confirmed it. The CPS/CTU negotiations are taking place on neutral ground at the Hilton. Which makes the South Loop the equivalent of Geneva. And for that, I am putting another feather in our neighborhood cap.

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