A new South Loop garden is coming to life

and it's truly green

11/09/2010 12:25 PM

By Bonnie McGrath

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The Ferd Kramer Rain Garden, November 8, 2011 (photo by Bonnie McGrath)

The garden under construction (photo, Alliance for a Greener South Loop)

It was a beautiful day yesterday--perfect for checking on the progress of the latest addition to a green, greener, greenest South Loop. Alliance for a Greener South Loop is coming along nicely on its baby, the Ferd Kramer Rain Garden on Polk, just to the west of the Dearborn Station. Working with a number of partners, the newish organization is digging, planting and building a garden on ground that will drain (actually, retain) rainwater properly on the site--a site that had been eroding away from below.

The Alliance has been documenting its progress in a blog and in photos here and here.

So why is the garden named after Ferd Kramer? He was a true urban real estate pioneer--a visionary developer who believed that the good life could be lived in the South Loop, which--30-plus years ago--was a dirty and abandoned railroad yard. Ferd, who passed away at 100 in 2002 would be proud to have his name affixed to a garden that, one might say, reclaims the landscape.

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