The winning sangria redux

at the Bash, I got to see the best of the best sangria in action

08/28/2012 10:29 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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Debbie and me serving up the sangria at Bash on Wabash Saturday (photo by Jeanette Johnson)

Two years ago, a now defunct little wine store on South Michigan Avenue held a sangria contest among South Loop residents who thought of themselves as primo sangria makers. The store attracted seven contestants who carried over their pitchers, served the guests and the guests weighed in. There was a clear winner.

Fast forward to this past weekend, when the Greater South Loop Association sponsored the Bash on Wabash; they set up a sangria tent and mixed up the winning recipe. And I was one of the people recruited to pour it and sell it. So I got some feedback on just how much people liked it.


I was there for two hours and many people came for seconds and thirds and beyond to the tune of six bucks a glass. And we weren't serving it in small cups either.

So here's the winning recipe:

Two bottles of white wine
One Cup orange-mango juice
One Cup simple syrup
One and a half Cups white rum to soak the fruit.
(The original winning recipe used five kiwis and two peaches cut into small pieces but over the weekend GSLA used apples and oranges)
Refrigerate overnight

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