They're dropping like flies

a favorite restaurant is suddenly shuttered

03/24/2011 4:36 PM

By Bonnie McGrath

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It's not enough that Opera and Grace O'Malley's are gone from the Wabash foodie strip just south of Roosevelt--and so close to home. Suddenly, Gioco (Opera's sibling) got shut down for not paying its state taxes.

Is this the economy talking? Bad management? A loss of interest in the kind of food served in these places? Too 2000s? Is this new decade simply about glorified bar food, charcuterie and wings? I hope not. I sure hope Gioco pays its taxes and reopens quickly; and I hope the former Grace O'Malley's and the former Opera soon reopen with good food and to big crowds--in whatever way they want to do it.

By the way, Restaurateur Jerry Kleiner, who owns Opera and Gioco, among other restaurants, is also selling his exceedingly fancy home in a converted garage on West Ohio Street for a little less than $3 million.

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By Stephen Reginald from South Loop
Posted: 03/25/2011 7:08 AM

It is unfortunate to see all these restaurants close in the South Loop. Let's hope, as you say Gioco reopens soon, The Scout (formerly Opera), and that something great opens in the former Grace O'Malley's.