Council backs Olympic bid

09/09/2009 3:41 PM

By Micah Maidenberg

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It was a city council meeting filled with much praise for the Olympics today, the Tribune is reporting, with aldermen lining up to make laudatory speeches before voting - in an unanimous, 49-0 tally - to pass an ordinance supporting the Olympic bid.
That means, the paper notes, taxpayers are "on the hook for cost overruns if Chicago wins the 2016 Olympics."
Here's the legalese:

The City Council hereby authorizes the Mayor of the City (the “Mayor ”) to execute and deliver on behalf of the City the Final Host City Contract in substantially the form of Exhibit A to this ordinance and to designate such additional signatory as may be required by the IOC and further authorizes the City's performance of its obligations thereunder. The City shall timely appropriate amounts sufficient to pay the obligations of the City pursuant to the Final Host City Contract (if any), and the City hereby covenants to take timely action as required by law to carry out the appropriation provisions of this sentence.

The International Olympic Committee makes its decision about which of the four finalists - Chicago, Rio, Madrid and Tokyo - will host the 2016 Games on Oct. 2.
As part of the ordinance, the Olympic committee will be responsible for various reporting requirements, according to a copy of the bill that passed today, online here courtesy of Progress Illinois.
Last week, a small group of aldermen and the Daley Administration offered competing ordinances about oversight over the Games.
Among the points included in the final oversight ordinance passed today is this: "The City Council may [ed. note: emphasis added] direct the City’s Inspector General to review the quarterly reports filed by the Organizing Committee and to advise the Council regarding issues raised therein. The City Council may also commission independent public interest organizations to advise the Council regarding issues concerning the 2016 Games."
Yesterday, members of the Committee on Finance discussed may versus shall language in the bill.


Meanwhile, Ald. Fioretti (2nd) introduced an ordinance at council meeting concerning city contracts. The short description: city council should sign off on any contract the city lets out worth $25,000 or more. Here's the language:

2-9-010 City contracts - City Council action required.
Every contract entered into by the City in which the goods or services contracted for are valued at $25,000 or greater shall be subject to review and approval by ordinance duly passed by the City Council before any such contract may be executed by the appropriate City officer.
With regard to every contract entered into by the City in which the goods or services contracted for are valued at less than $25,000, the appropriate City officer executing such contract shall provide a summary of such contract to the Committee on Finance for informational purposes. Such summary shall include information as to the contracting parties, the term, the value and the subject matter of such contract.

I'lll be browsing other ordinances considered and introduced at the city clerk's Web site later this afternoon.

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