The Strike at Roosevelt and State

I feel like Norma Rae

09/11/2012 10:55 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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Like the sign says, they've "been Rahmed." I started thinking yesterday when all this started that every single problem, every bit of corruption, everything bad that everyone complains about as far as the Chicago Public Schools goes, is due to CPS management. Management sets the tone, the rules and the standards. Management runs the schools, the teachers don't.

Yes, occasionally there's a bad apple amongst the teaching staff, a well-paid teacher who doesn't know the difference between an Isosceles Triangle and a Bottle-Nosed Dolphin. But who hired that person and allowed that teacher to take advantage of the union contract in the first place? Management.

So let's just say I am 100 percent totally completely and unreservedly on the side of the teachers. Pay them well, and give them a well-deserved rest when they need it. And make sure they have decent working conditions, health care and whatever else they want. Our mayor is one of the idiots in this country who has made a name for himself by demonizing cops, firemen and teachers. And I'm 100 percent totally completely and unreservedly sick of it.

That's why I'm glad the strikers are using the corner in front of my house at Roosevelt and State as one of their prime venues for the Big Strike. A strike so big and so far reaching and with so many implications that as the whoops and hollars and car horns get more and more vociferous in front of the house as I write this--in support of the Chicago public school teachers--my adrenaline starts rushing in every which way from my brain downward, and I feel like Norma Rae.

I wish you could hear what I'm hearing now. A constant refrain of support, loud acknowledgement from those walking and driving by. Thumbs up galore. And a big thumbs down for the anti-unionist who presumes to run this city. In the end, the Norma Raes of Chicago will prevail.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going out to my corner, to see if there's some car hood (if not a work table) somewhere I can stand on, so I can turn and face the crowd with a smile and a big thumbs up--and a placard that says "I'm on your side."

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By Striking Teacher from South Loop
Posted: 09/22/2012 6:47 AM

So one that stands up for their rights and what they believe in is appalling. We are professionals, I guess you missed the memo. Our school ranks 17 out of four hundred elementary schools in Chicago. How you like them apples. I don\\\'t you what your profession is but I hope you can do something more inspiring than jumping the gun on something you are totally inexperienced and of little or no knowledge of.

By Jim Reedy from South Loop
Posted: 09/12/2012 10:43 AM

The foolish behavior exhibited by the so called educators walking the picket line at State and Roosevelt is quite a sight to behold. It can only be assumed the this same behavior will follow them upon their return to the classroom. Perhaps they can call the class \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"adult behavior gone bad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" The kids will love it.