BB gun on CTA? Under arrest

02/03/2011 4:00 PM

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Police arrested a 19-year-old at the Roosevelt El station the night of Jan. 25 for carrying a gun on a CTA train. The suspect, Mancey Moore, allegedly admitted that he was a member of the Vice Lords and said he carried the gun because members of a rival gang, the Gangster Disciples, shot at him earlier in the evening.

Moore was allegedly traveling north on the Green Line when passengers noticed that he had a gun in his waistband. Officers arrived at the Roosevelt stop and told the conductor to hold the train while they searched for the offender. Police then noticed Moore walking down the platform toward the stairs. The officers then stopped Moore and a pat down allegedly revealed a black BB gun.

Moore was arrested at 11:25 p.m. and charged with possession of a replica firearm.

Armed robbery

A woman and her daughter were robbed at their apartment on the 2100 block of South Michigan Avenue the morning of Jan. 25. The victim said that at 11:30 a.m. she heard a knock on the door and opened it slightly. Two people then pushed their way in and one shouted, “Gimme all the money you got!” The victim then went into her bedroom and got $100.

The person who shouted then made the victim and her 2-year-old daughter lay on the floor at gun point while the other offender ransacked the apartment looking for valuables. Besides the $100, the offenders left the apartment with a Playstation 3, video games, a gold chain with a diamond pendant, CDs and cigarettes.

Stolen cars

Four cars were reported stolen last week in Chicago’s 1st Police District.

A victim said that he parked his 2009 Nissan at the 1300 block of South Michigan Avenue at noon on Jan. 24. When he came back at 1:00, the car had been taken.

In another lunchtime incident, a victim parked her blue 2007 Honda at the 1000 block of South LaSalle Street on Jan. 28 to go shopping. When she returned an hour later, the car was missing.

A victim parked his car at a garage on the 2000 block of South State Street on Jan. 28. When the victim returned a day later, his 1994 blue Plymouth Voyager was gone.

On Jan. 28, a victim parked his 1998 red Honda Civic coupe on the 1300 block of South Wabash Street. When he returned from work around 11:00 that night, the car was gone.

Fight over Bears-Packers

A dispute after the Bears-Packers playoff game turned violent the evening of Jan. 23 at Mei’s Kitchen, 1108 South Michigan Ave. The victim approached the offender’s party to discuss the game in what two witnesses said was a threatening manner. The offender then smashed a glass on the victim’s head, causing cuts and swelling.

The offender and his party then fled the restaurant on foot. Meanwhile, the victim was to taken to the emergency room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

CTA robbery turns into credit card fraud

An offender who stole a wallet at the Jackson Red Line Station Jan. 18 then used information from that wallet to get new credit cards. The victim told police that her wallet was contained $400, her identification cards, and her credit cards. The victim said that within the week of the robbery, the offender then cashed two of her personal checks and used her information to obtain three new credit cards.

Theft at the library

A victim fell asleep the afternoon of Jan. 26 at Harold Washington Library and woke up to discover her possessions stolen. Missing was a laptop valued at $350, a Fuji camera valued at $300 and five $20 bills.

This summary contains information taken from the arrest records from the 1st District of the Chicago Police Department. Anyone named has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

—Compiled by Matthew Blake

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