A Web site targeting you-know-what

03/10/2010 10:00 PM

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It all started with a walk around the neighborhood. Douglas Freymann, who’s lived in the South Loop for the past 13 years, was taking his pooches for a stroll Jan. 3. During that trip he noticed what he described in an e-mail he sent later that day as five different orphans. Five separate orphaned dog droppings, to be specific.

“It always gets worse in the wintertime,” Freymann said.

Thus, the idea for South Poop, a Web site located at southloopdogpoop.wordpress.com was born.

The site is mean to track where, exactly, dog owners are not picking up after their pets and even provide the gory photographic evidence. Entries from January show a “teacup poo” found in Cottontail Park and “some huge sidewalk poos” on Clark, just north of 15th.

Some of the entries on the site give credit where credit is due.

“It’s been a quiet couple of days for dog poo in the neighborhood, at least around us. Good news, I suppose!” reads a Feb. 4 note.

“You get a wacky idea and with Word Press you can make it happen,” he said, referring to the free Web site creation template.

Freymann cautioned the site is meant for the South Loop’s dog owning community — he estimates there are around 2,000 households in the area — and not as a space to trash owners who aren’t picking up after Fido or Rex.

“What happens is there’s all these non-dog people who get exercised about it and demand that dogs be banished,” Freymann said. “That’s just nonsense. The idea is can we focus the discussion away from lecturing everybody, because everybody doesn’t need to be lectured, and find out who the target audience is, who the miscreants are.”

The last entry on the site, from Feb. 19, lists five reasons why dog owners don’t pick up: “It’s biodegradable.”; “It’s really small.”; “The rabbits and coyotes leave their poo, why can’t we?”; “Ewww.”; “Nobody will notice.”

That Feb. 19 entry asks for suggestions on how to get people to clean up.

That act, Freymann said, was “something I was grossed out by for a long period of time but if you have dogs and live in the city, it’s something you have to do.”

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