Chicago neighbors gang up on 'restaurant that acts like a nightclub'

Stand off over Plush

01/26/2011 10:00 PM

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A heated meeting Jan. 20 at City Hall regarding the community impact of Plush restaurant was long on complaints, including charges of racism, and short on solutions.

The standoff could lead to a petition to close Plush, located at 1104. W. Madison St. in the West Loop.

“It’s just a very difficult situation and I hate how the racial stuff keeps coming up,” said Ald. Walter Burnett. Plush is at the border of Burnett’s 27th Ward.

For four years, Madison Street homeowners complained to the police, Burnett, and Ald. Robert Fioretti — whose 2nd Ward begins across the street from Plush — about excessive rowdiness. Burnett called Plush a “restaurant that acts like a nightclub.”

A murder this August across the street from Plush has fueled allegations that the restaurant is not just a public nuisance, but also a public danger. The murder investigation is still ongoing.

Plush owner Billy Kleronomos said these complaints are because his customers are largely black. “In order to be accepted by the community, I would have to put a sign outside my restaurant that said, ‘No black people allowed,’” he said.

Rupal Bapat, deputy commissioner for the city’s Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Dept., presided over a packed meeting that included Burnett, Fioretti’s Chief of Staff Andy Pierce, Kleronomos, irate Madison Street homeowners, West Loop community members and about a dozen self-described Plush supporters.

It was the first of three meetings to review Plush’s liquor license. If an agreement can’t be reached, the community — defined here as all registered voters less than 500 feet from Plush — could petition to revoke the restaurant’s license.

Martha Goldstein, president of the West Loop Community Organization, testified that “on certain evenings, a lot of people spill out of the club at 2:00 or 3:00, and the buildings most affected are the buildings across the street.”

Goldstein and other community residents accused Plush customers of “hooting and hollering,” racing motorcycles down Madison Street, littering and publicly urinating.

“It makes people very uneasy in our neighborhood,” Goldstein said. “I don’t know where these people are coming from. They don’t seem to be West Loop people.”

Kleronomos argued that people stumble out of other Madison Street establishments like Beer Bistro and Crossroads, but Plush is taking heat because, unlike those bars, it attracts mostly black customers.

Goldstein responded that race isn’t the issue. “People say we don’t want African-Americans in the neighborhood, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said.

Some at the meeting wondered whether Kleronomos’s restaurant was actually a public danger, or whether he was just excessively unresponsive to community concerns.

Pierce, from Fioretti’s office, argued that Kleronomos has been “thick as a brick.”

“Plush has been a regular complaint at police beat meetings again and again,” he said. “But the owner of the club keeps having the same defense and chip on his shoulder.”

But Kleronomos did end a Monday DJ night that was an apparent source of rowdiness. Goldstein said that complaints about Plush decreased since the DJ night ended.

As for public safety, the Chicago Police Department reported seven disturbance calls on Plush since this July. The Police Department refused to comment on the August murder.

The police statistics may suggest that Plush is not a serious public safety issue.

“I think folks pretty much want to close Plush down, but legally we can’t do that,” Burnett said. “First, you have to build a case and there’s no real case — the police haven’t even said that the one person who got killed came from Plush.”

Burnett would like Kleronomos to meet with other restaurant and bar owners on the street and also with Madison Street homeowners.

Kleronomos said this was unlikely to happen.

“They don’t want to talk to me — the joke on the street is when they have a problem, they blame it on Plush,” he said. “For the first time in my life, I know what it’s like to be black.”

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By Elmer Worthyton from West side
Posted: 08/25/2012 2:54 PM

The majority of the people that are glad that Plush is closed are racist!

By Mike b from Near west side
Posted: 05/15/2012 2:31 PM

Its closed by the city! I saw the orange sticker on the door as well. Finally. Hopefully 99pct fewer standings and shootings on this corner now.

By Alex from West Loop
Posted: 05/15/2012 2:25 PM

Walked by today and the city finally closed this dumo down!! There is a big orange sticker on the door telling us the good news. Bye bye

By tom
Posted: 12/04/2011 2:14 AM

I just saw 4 female patrons leave plush and urinate in front of my house! How disgusting!! I can't believe this place is still open!

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:55 PM

(Post 11 of 11) I don’t want to see businesses leave the West Loop. But I’d rather see a vacant store than an active business that ignores its neighbors’ concerns and City’s recommendations. Disappointingly – absent signatures from 50% or more of only those registered voters within 500 feet of Plush – Plush’s owner will continue to remain open and continue to be a safety concern for its immediate neighbors, passers-by, and patrons.

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:54 PM

(Post 10 of 11) We now have had (at least) a shooting death outside of Plush and a patron stabbed inside of Plush. Those combined with owner that doesn’t care for the concerns of the neighboring residents and businesses or recommendations of the City–an owner who has even further stated he believe the neighborhood’s concerns and, through inaction on the recommendations of the City lack any basis–make for a caustic and dangerous condition that has nothing at all to do with race.(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:53 PM

(Post 9 of 11) return home late from work in the Loop, head to the grocery, or are going to/coming from whatever nearby restaurant, bar or other establishment; and for 3) the late night customers of Plush. I am concerned–and I believe the informed West Loop residents, in general and as a whole, are concerned–about safety of those three groups of people, regardless of their race, where they live, or where they go in the evenings for entertainment.(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:53 PM

(Post 8 of 11) Noise or nuisance issues/have been focused on in this case because that is what 911 calls document and what the City (historically) looks to as evidence in these community meetings. Separate and distinct from the noise, are the concerns for safety. Safety concerns for 1) the residents living adjacent to Plush; 2) the passers-by who go for a late night walk with their dog,…(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:52 PM

(Post 7 of 11) I wholly support my neighbors that are forced to deal/hear the late night disturbances because they are closer to Plush. I acknowledge that any resident of West Loop should expect a certain level of noise, which comes with living in a busy city. Where my absolute support for those close neighbors comes from is the fact that I have personally seen Plush’s owner ignore the concerns of its neighboring owners and ignore the recommendations of the City.(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:52 PM

(Post 6 of 11) If it did complete one of the other recommendations I don’t remember, it was only one or maybe two. I felt as if the Owner just ignored the recommendations, and even the City representatives were surprised at Plush’s lack of follow-through on the City’s recommendations. As a neighbor, I’m far enough from Plush that I don’t have to deal with the noise of its patrons – I hear other noise from Madison, which I expect from living in the city…(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:51 PM

(Post 5 of 11) …that Plush have someone attend the monthly Police Beat meeting. There were other recommendations, but I specifically remember these as being what I thought were the “easiest” to complete. At the second community meeting, Plush had not done/completed/attempted any – much less some, a majority or all – of those easy 3..(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:50 PM

(Post 4 of 11) Plush require its doormen to wear something (i.e jacket, shirt etc.) that visibly identified them as “Security”; that Plush bring the BASSET (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training) certification cards of all of its employees to the next meeting to prove its employees were BASSET certified (I hear this is simply a quick online test that costs a nominal fee and any idiot can pass); and…(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:49 PM

(Post 3 of 11) I attended the first two of three community meetings held by the City of Chicago as a “mediation” to help the subject establishment (Plush) work out concerns and/or problems held by neighboring residents. At the end of the first meeting, the representative for the City made a list of 6-10 (just going from memory) recommendations that they asked Plush to complete before the second community meeting scheduled some months later. Some recommendations were that:(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:48 PM

(Post 2 of 11) The owner is going to have a hard time disavowing the stabbing of a Plush patron inside Plush, which just occurred at 12:10AM on the morning of 10/13/2011. From the Trib: “Man stabbed, critically hurt in West Loop lounge”,0,5322644.story(cont’d)

By JP from WestLoop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:47 PM

(Post 1 of 11) During the community meetings and ongoing dialogues at other community gatherings documented in the CJ, the Plush owner always asked how neighbors could tell that the people on the street responsible for the loud/disorderly conduct (including the shooting death that occurred last year across the street from Plush front door when Plush was closing) were from coming Plush and not from other nearby establishments.(cont’d)

By Yoda Mann from West Loop
Posted: 10/13/2011 7:17 PM

Well, the knock against this joint is that you never want to order a shot and a beer here, because you might get shot. Other libations to avoid would include a Kettle One and an Orange Slice, 'cause you might just get sliced. As some poor patron found out early this morning when he was critically stabbed. In the neck. Then there's the Plush Clown who owns this joint, he's proven once again that he cares for the safety of his patrons just as much as he concerns himself with being a good neighbor.

By Rikki from West Loop
Posted: 10/13/2011 10:04 AM

Plush has done it again. For those of you that think this is a race issue, you couldn't be farther from the truth. I don't care what color the patrons are, I care about the insane amount of noise and chaos that spills out of Plush. The evidence is there people- when I SEE the people spilling out of PLUSH and hanging around the front of the place screaming and honking car horns, I think it's safe to blame the Plush patrons and management for the disturbances and violence.

By Anonymous from Tony
Posted: 10/13/2011 9:48 AM

But you know Yoda, it\'s a race issue........what a joke.

By Anonymous from Tony
Posted: 10/13/2011 9:48 AM

But you know Yoda, it's a race issue........what a joke.

By Yoda Mann from West Loop
Posted: 10/13/2011 5:14 AM

guess this morning's stabbing, which left the victim in critical condition is just one of those things. Glad you're in the neighborhood.

By PJ from West Loop
Posted: 10/05/2011 6:20 AM

Gerry from Gold Coast - Oh, PLEASE. Give me a BREAK. This is NOT about race. This is about grown people not holding their liquor and acting like they have NO HOME TRAINING, as they say, when they leave a bar. It's not color that wakes me up every damn night, it's drunk fools arguing at the top of their lungs or deciding to turn up their car stereos as if all of Chicago needed to hear it. It is not racist for me to want some SLEEP at 2 am, sorry.

By PJ from West Loop
Posted: 10/05/2011 6:16 AM

Wow, was there even an attempt to pursue this story within any sort of journalistic framework? The headline announces its bias right up front- poor lil ole Plush being ganged up on.

By WestLooper from WestLoop
Posted: 08/08/2011 10:35 AM

WLCO is organizing a signature drive for petitions to close Plush in cooperation with the Alderman. Contact WLCO for details.

By WestLooper from WestLoop
Posted: 08/08/2011 10:34 AM

WLCO is organizing a signature drive for petitions to close Plush in cooperation with the Alderman. Contact WLCO for details.

By RR from West Loop
Posted: 08/06/2011 1:10 PM

Quite interesting that the owner plays the race card but when you go on Plush's website all the pictures are of busty blonde babes.

Posted: 06/28/2011 3:30 PM


Posted: 06/28/2011 3:30 PM


By from Chatham
Posted: 06/22/2011 11:35 PM

Plush should be closed on the basis of how rude the Waite staff, management, and owner are to their patrons!! The treatment and service I received there was unbelievable. I had to call the police and still did not get a piece of aluminum foil nor carry out container. Maybe the neighborhood recognizes a substandard establishment...

By Andrea from west loop
Posted: 06/03/2011 10:14 AM

This is not issue of racism. and I do not think we need to move to Hinsdale to have a quiet street after 10pm. There are noise ordinances addressing this. Residents of the West Loop have a right to not have cars in front of our buildings acting like DJ booths. I dont care what color the DJs are. All one would expect is respect for any neighborhood. Do we really need to move to Hinsdale to sleep peacefully at night? Then why were homes built in the West Loop?

By Eric from South Loop
Posted: 02/28/2011 6:11 PM

I somehow suspect that the Greektown shooting was not done by Greek Americans. Perhaps by Plush patrons seeking a late night snack.

By David
Posted: 02/28/2011 11:00 AM

Another shooting. Some kind of crackdown needs to be done on the gangbangers hanging out at Halsted and Jackson with nothing better to do. At 2:03 a.m. in the 200 block of South Halsted Street in Greektown, a man suffered gunshot wounds to both legs, police said. The man, 31, had a fight with another man and tried to walk away, but the other man shot him, according to police. No one was in custody in connection with either shooting and Harrison Area detectives were investigating.

By Gerry from Gold coast
Posted: 02/06/2011 6:51 PM

Plush is a business that caters to a African American crowd and there are only a few places like it in Chicago so why is it that you "westlooper" keep hateing on it!! Who made you the spokesperson for the neighborhood ? Plush has been a good neighbor with no real issues other than a few people hateing on it for no reason other then race let's face the facts and call it what it is .

By WestLooper from West Loop
Posted: 02/05/2011 10:45 PM

No one is complaining about the color of Plush customers. And even if Plush closes, the West Loop would remain a diverse neighborhood in a diverse city. An aside: the West Loop never underwent much gentrification -- most of the residential developments were on abandoned/industrial property.

By MoodyMan from Bronzeville
Posted: 02/05/2011 12:15 PM

Sounds like racism here...moving on!

By mike from Near West Side
Posted: 02/05/2011 8:49 AM

Many residents & business owners of the West Loop were enticed by words such as "up & coming", "changing", "gentrified", increase property values", "the neighborhood used to be" "in five years it'll be" and so on. Well news flash...this is Chicago, and yes people of ALL colors occupy our diverse city. My advice to the people complaining is move back to the suburbs. Also, what about all of the drunk suburbanites who come into the city on game days to support businesses? Are they West Loop people?

By West Loop Couple from West Loop
Posted: 02/04/2011 9:52 PM

Drug deals in the bathroom? I guess this happens in everyplace that has a single stall with a lock...I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want another restaurant patron to walk in when I have my pants around my ankles. Martha Goldstein staing that "these people are not west loop people" is a huge sign of racism if you ask me...newsflash THE WEST LOOP IS NOT HINSDALE!!!! If you want a quiet street move to the suburbs not a street filled with restaurants and bars...

By West Loop Couple from West Loop
Posted: 02/04/2011 9:46 PM

After reading some of these comments I actually laughed at how ignorant, stupid and racist people really are. My girlfirned and I have lived in the neighborhood for 4 years and have been customers of Plush since Billy opened his doors. How can anyone say that the people fighting or speeding up and down Madison came from Plush? Does everyone that leaves Plush have a magical sign above their head that states where they came from? No, people make these accusation based on their skin color.

By josh from wicker park
Posted: 02/04/2011 8:03 PM

I think Plush is GREAT lets face it people you live in a major city just blocks from downtown and the United Center ,when the hawks are in town Madison st is crazy filled with drunken peolpe screaming,fighting ,urinating everywhere why no complaints about that... maybe because those people are white? I just find that odd..dont you? just a thought.

By jack from south loop
Posted: 02/03/2011 10:40 PM

i have been to plush a few times ita a nice little spot food is good and staf friendly,the owner Bill is a nice guy it seems to me that some of yall need to get a hobby or something these hard times he is creating much needed jobs and tax $ what have you done for your neighborhood besides complain about BS maybe thats why the WL is a failure ..just sayin

By MT from West Loop
Posted: 02/02/2011 11:28 PM

Just for the record. I've friends who are Black and they also complained about Plush but Billy conveniently forgets this because it's easier to pull the race card than to admit that his place is a problem. Just the fact that Billy had this customers searched for guns speaks volumes. His attitude and actions show that he has no respect nor care about the safety of this community.

By Jay from Westloop
Posted: 02/02/2011 5:30 PM

Plush is a staple in the west loop , it has been a great place to eat and drink for atleast 6 years now although the crowd has changed that doesn't make it a bad thing I think it's a plus ! I have never heard of a fight or a single problem ever so I don't understand why everyone is saying they have to go. It's a great place people give it a try . We shouldn't hate a place because it is different how boreing would it be if everything was the same this is what makes our country great ! Cheers

By WestLooper from West Loop
Posted: 02/02/2011 3:46 PM

"You are implying that we are all drug dealers and criminals this is racist!" Actually it seems like the commenters are saying this happens at Plush. What would be racist is to only complain about Plush if the same problems occur at other clubs. But to attribute racism to residents of the West Loop isn't fair. The West Loop is reasonably diverse and at every place I have lived there I have had neighbors of all races.

By Will Washington from Westloop
Posted: 02/02/2011 2:08 PM

It's odd that all my fellow westloopers are saying that they are not racist but then you all pick on a place that has an all African American crowd ... You say things like drug deals and purses being sold and don't want this crowd in the neighborhood .. You are implying that we are all drug dealers and criminals this is racist!! Plush has a upscale crowd so don't hate on what you know nothing about ! If I wanted to live in a neighborhood that hates I would live in Bridgeport !

By Larry from West Loop
Posted: 02/02/2011 1:20 AM

For the owner to conveniently throw the race card down is very calculated and sleazy. Billy Kleronomos, no one cares about the color of your patrons but you. Face the facts: you own a drug-filled club which is no different than Transit, Chromium, or any of the other Lake Street clubs that have/had multiple stabbings and killings. They tried the race card too - and lost. Man up. Check out Plush's reviews at Yelp... pathetic!

By Don Juan from Up North
Posted: 02/01/2011 9:54 PM

Sounds like politics. It appears someone isn't getting paid who needs to be. How can you single out 1 bar on a block full of bars for being too noisy. Drug deals in the restroom is so 1970-ish. This article along with the comments were quite a funny read. I've been to Plush on several occasions and never had an issue. The food is good, drinks a bit pricey and the service staff could improve but it doesn't deserve to be shut down. I'm sure this problem can go away by paying the right person.

By DW25 from South Loop
Posted: 02/01/2011 9:35 PM

What is this case built on? It appears that it is merely all hearsay, which isn\'t enough to build a case on. These complainers haven\'t set foot in the venue but yet have a negative opinion? If there was evidence of drug deals going on why wasn\'t it reported to the police? If someone was defacing a building, why wasn\'t it reported? I\'d love to hear these answers! This is clearly a civil matter that you won\'t win! The educated people supporting the establishment won\'t allow it to occur. Good luck!

By angela from wicker park
Posted: 02/01/2011 4:14 PM

Now it seems that if you\\\\\\\'re black there may be a problem partying in the Loop areas of Chicago...shocking story here, felt like I was reading a story from a newspaper article printed in the 60\\\\\\\'s....I wonder -- is racism coming back to the forefront in this city and America as a whole, are the accomplishments of the civil rights movement fading?? Just wondering...

By Eric from west loop
Posted: 02/01/2011 4:18 AM

I've been to plush, let's face the facts... When a few poeple go into the bathroom and LOCK the door, its not to discuss fantasy football stats. Its to deal drugs, snort coke. Plush is excellent if you need a dime bag! Clubs or shall we say a ally bar are bad for any area. Just look at the owner, and his staff. I have a idea, how about billy takes a polygraph about drugs in his bar. He can prove to the public that he is a scumbag!

By charles from West Loop
Posted: 02/01/2011 1:35 AM

I complained about Plush to the City and one of the officials said that the police already determined that the guy who was killed was in the neighborhood because of Plush. Apparently he wanted to get into Plush and was waiting for someone when he got into an argument and was killed. For the record, I'm half AA. So much for the race card. Plush needs to be shut down.

By MW from West Loop
Posted: 01/31/2011 10:43 PM

I love it how now Billy is a humanitarian with concerns about possible racist implications. The fact is that his place was always a drug den, just the current clientele seems more prone to violence. There were never any murders before, just quiet drug deals going on in the one strategically lockable bathroom.

By Martin from South Loop
Posted: 01/31/2011 9:24 PM

I've been a customer @ Plush for a few years. Since then I've met many new friends there including staff members of The Oprah Show,TV/News personalities,Attorneys,Doctors,Music Artists,CPD staff + Politicians while enjoying their Great Food. More important,I've met people who Sponsor Annual Events there for Cancer patients + many organized gatherings that benefit people with a sickness,disease or disability that have bigger problems to deal with than the "WL" critics. "WL" needs a new President.

By Anonymous
Posted: 01/31/2011 5:02 PM

As a restaurant/bar owner myself for the past 28 years, I deal with my own community issues as well. But, to single out one venue on a street with several is not just. I am a customer of Plush and refuse to patronize The Beer Bistro, Crossroads, and the Third Rail for their lack of mature patrons. If I wanted to attend an unruly frat party with fights and public urination I would. The issue is clearly about race.

By Denise from West Loop
Posted: 01/31/2011 3:48 PM

I am a business owner & homeowner in the West Loop. I attended the Plush hearing on Jan. 20. I have been a frequent patron of Plush since it opened. In my opinion, it has the best food on the block. I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe there. The shooting on Madison has not been connected to Plush in any way. I would like to see ALL four "restaurants" work on a plan together for a more orderly late night exit of its customers. The noise is not going to go away if Plush simply closes.

By WestLooper from West Loop
Posted: 01/31/2011 2:36 PM

If it's true that Plush does pat-downs of its customers before entry in the late evening, that's evidence for me that the place is a problem. (As if the shooting wasn't enough.) With respect to the race issue, people play the cards they are dealt. If you are a nightclub owner accused of being a bad neighbor and your clientele is black, you are going to play the race card to try to save your business. It's a card you've been dealt.

By james from west loop
Posted: 01/31/2011 12:19 PM

I live on Madison and May and if this is not a racial issue than I don't know what is. Comments like they don't look like "west loop people" and "a crowd I'd rather not have in the neighborhood" Those comments are extremely racist. The neighbors don't mind getting woke up from people screaming while leaving Crossroads and Third Rail bc the people making noise are white! I knew when I bought my condo I was on a street with bars and noise was going to happen. Quit bullying Plush

By Plush Neighbor from West Loop
Posted: 01/31/2011 12:12 PM

I am a regular customer at Plush and live across the street. I\\\'m baffled by all the accusations by people who have more than likely never stepped foot in Plush. I have never seen any of these so called drug deals and etc. I can\\\'t help but wonder if the people posting these allegations would say theses things under oath? I have seen many fights outside of the other bars including one resulting in a man taken away by ambulance. There have been no fights at Plush! I urge people to give Plush a try.

By 12345
Posted: 01/31/2011 12:06 PM

I would honestly like 2 know if any of u who are making negative comments have ever been in the establishment 2 see what its like 4 urself? A majority of all ur complaints r about noise, U LIVE IN THE CITY ON A BLOCK FULL OF BARS! of course theres going 2 be noise & there is more then 1 bar. As for saying no food is sold, come in for a night sit there and watch how many people order if thats what it takes. This is a racial issue & the lies all of u r making up about the bar is really pathetic!

Posted: 01/31/2011 12:01 PM

Ive never seen so many "educated" and "sophisticated" people act and speak so ignorantly. My main qyestion is for Martha Goldstein, how exactly do you know that "these people aren't from the West Loop". That sounds racial to me. I also find it funny that the majority of the neighbors present at that meeting have never stepped foot inside Plush and maybe that's the real issue.

By Tom D Arch from West Town
Posted: 01/31/2011 11:54 AM

As a life-long/4th generation in-the-city Chicagoan, the idea of people who choose to live near the Randolph St. corridor complaining about someone selling knockoff purses, drug deals and the occasional shooting sounds pretty silly. (Some of us remember what it was like just a few years ago.) Move to the city from Iowa/Alabama, buy a new condo in a trendy area, get "underwater" on it, then complain about a popular bar/club. Enh. Caveat Emptor, er, future suburbanite.

By Nick from West Loop
Posted: 01/30/2011 0:37 AM

I live on Monroe and Morgan. It is a regular accurence to be woken up by people leaving plush at 2am blasting car radios, yelling, breaking bottles, fighting, oh and btw urinating on my sidewalk. This is a NIGHT CLUB!! Nobody goes there to eat. It does not matter if it is white people or black people leaving Plush. What matters is that the people that leave Plush have no respect for the neighborhood. This is not a racial issue!!!

By MT from West Loop
Posted: 01/30/2011 0:16 AM

Plush's owner admitted at a public meeting that he had his "nightclub" security pat down customers for guns and liquor before entering Plush. Plush has a restaurant (not a club) license. What restaurant searches their customers for weapons? Billy Kleronomos knew his customers had guns but it was OK by him as long as the guns were not in Plush; it's fine for people to get shot on our neighborhood streets just not in his club. It's not about race it's about safety. Plush CLOSE DOWN.

By Terry
Posted: 01/29/2011 12:32 PM

This place used to be a nice establishment but needs to go, it\'s ruining the street and the businesses around there. No one wants to walk on Madison during the evening now with everything that happens around there. It has nothing to do with race but of course that\'s what they will try to make it out to be.

By Lee from West loop
Posted: 01/28/2011 12:19 PM

Plush is a classy restaurant. The majority of customers at Plush are African-American professionals. White folks have 1,000's of restaurant/lounges to visit within the Chicago downtown area, while African-American professionals only have a hand full of options. Please do not close Plush because of a couple of ignorant people.

By rdubk from west loop
Posted: 01/28/2011 9:05 AM

I have seen drug deals by this place and once I saw a guy selling womens purses out of the back of his trunk. This place is shady.

By WestLooper from West Loop
Posted: 01/27/2011 11:00 PM

I'd like to see it close. It seems to attract a crowd I'd rather not have in the neighborhood, and for the people on Madison appears to be a bad neighbor.