My view of antenna down

Channel 7 provides Sunday morning entertainment

07/08/2012 10:12 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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Just after the helicopter got the antenna (Bonnie McGrath)

The helicopter lowering the antenna to the street (Bonnie McGrath)

As usual, Channel 7 news was blaring in my bedroom this morning when I woke up. And they were talking incessantly about a helicopter that was hovering aside Sears (ok, Willis) Tower waiting to take down the top of its old analogue antenna--to be replaced in a few weeks by a new state of the art antenna for those who watch sans cable. (In the meantime, the Channel 7 signal is emanating from the Hancock.)

So I jumped out of bed to watch this "historic moment," as they called it. In person from my window.

Which reminded me of when I moved into my South Loop house just short of 18 years ago. And how Sears Tower dominated my heart and mind. I could see it from every window facing north. These days, I barely have a view due to the growth of trees all around my yard. There was hardly a view of the building from within my house this morning. My favorite--the one over my kitchen sink--was pretty obscured not only by tree growth--but hazed up a bit by the window screen.

My house at Roosevelt and State was built in reverse (at my request) so that most of the windows would be facing downtown--and so I would always have a great view of Sears Tower. Foliage was something I never foresaw.

However, I did go up on my deck on the garage this morning to get the couple of pictures here. Although the helicopter, and certainly the cable attached to the helicopter--and the dislodged antenna itself--are pretty hard to make out.

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