Ronnie and Irv fly the coop

05/20/2009 2:50 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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photo by Mary Ivory

I always have trouble hiding my disdain for South Loopers who suddenly decide to move to the suburbs. I have had friends and neighbors in the last 15 years who have moved to places like Oak Park, Hinsdale, Barrington, Elmhurst, Westchester, Lisle, Glen Ellyn, Countryside--and the latest, Buffalo Grove.

Ronnie and Irv Jarett had their going away party at Trattoria Caterina Monday because they are abandoning their Printers Row soft loft for a Buffalo Grove soft life.

Most of the people who have left had kids and they wanted a good school; or they lost their job and ran out of money and decided to rent their condo to someone else--and move back in their family homes with an elderly parent. And it should be noted that some even went for a better life, got discouraged and came back, come what may.

Ronnie and Irv are going in order to be closer to their grown children who live in the northern suburbs. Buffalo Grove--where they will rent--is equidistant between their adult kids. They lost a grown son recently and decided to make themselves more available to their remaining children.

Still, I told Ronnie on Monday--after many of the guests remarked on how her Basset Hounds over the years had been such a part of the neighborhood--that I donít relish her taking flight.

Why not? For one thing, Irvís presence early in the morning on Dearborn Street when he walked the dogs was comforting to many, Pat Miller said. Gail Merritt, who initiated the idea of Grant Park Bark, and who headed the DogPAC that got it built, reminisced about how instrumental Ronnie was selling inscribed bricks to raise money. (Gail encouraged everyone to make a trip over to the dog park and read them all now that they are ensconced in the pavement.) Mary Ivory remembered how important Irv was as an early board member of Historic Printers Row Neighbors (now South Loop Neighbors) and how Ronnie used her vision to start the groupís photo contest and show.

But all night long as I ate my angel hair pasta and sun-dried tomato sauce and drank my byob red wine and dipped my Italian bread in fragrant olive oil and raised my glass for a number of toasts to Ronnie and Irv, I kept thinking of how much I disapprove of moving to the suburbs.

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By Fluffy de Crossharbour from Winnetka
Posted: 05/22/2009 3:11 PM

Ms. Bonnie: is this Ronnie Jarett a relative of the Ronnie Jarett, late of Bridgeport, and brutally dispatched to the Godfather in the sky by his fellow mobsters?

By Bob from North Park Village
Posted: 05/21/2009 3:15 PM

My son and his Momreside inneighboring Wheeling. He went to Buffalo Grove HS, graduated among the top ten per cent of Illinois students last year. Life out there is not that bad but all o f us , city dwellers and suburbanites, are impacted by the global climate crisis. That will prove to be the predominant issue impacting us and our children irrespective of where we live.