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11/03/2012 11:36 AM

By Bill Motchan

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Framing expert Christopher Milhausen displays a piece of his own art at CMM Framing.

Another Christopher Milhausen frame-up: his car on top and a glob of parking pay box tickets below.

OK, admit it—you probably have a photograph or print gathering dust that you’ve been meaning to have framed. Here’s my recommendation: take it to CMM Framing, a new West Loop shop.

You’ll get a new piece of art to hang on a blank wall, and you’ll be supporting a local small business. It’s nice to have Mariano’s and Target within walking distance, but specialty merchants give a neighborhood character.

Christopher Milhausen opened CMM Framing a couple of months ago in a storefront at 218 N. Halsted just north of Lake. He worked as a framer for more than a decade for others before deciding to start his own business.

“I like being able to use creative techniques to display art,” Milhausen said. “It’s been great having this space to do quality framing.”

To show what he meant, Milhausen showed me several pieces he framed in three-dimension, including a group of four-leaf clovers, delicately suspended in space.

The walls have the requisite dozens and dozens of frame samples you’ve seen at frame shops before. The lagniappe you’ll get at CMM is personal service from a craftsman.

Milhausen is not only an expert at framing; he’s also a talented photographer and artist who has several of his own works framed and on display.

One whimsical piece of interactive art is a photograph of his car with an open space below with hundreds of receipts from Chicago parking pay boxes. There’s even a slot at the top of the frame where he can insert more receipts.

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